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Experts on personal injury have supported the government’s attempts to limit the number of fraudulent claims.

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A new report had argued that whiplash claims were the main reason for spiraling of car insurance costs which was supported by personal injury specialist solicitors.
In a recently published report, the AA had revealed that whiplash claims cost the insurers more than £2 billion last year alone, adding around £90 to the cost of typical car insurance.
Although drivers in Worcestershire escaped fairly lightly, with the average cost of a policy rising by 0.8% to £625, figures for the West Midlands the figures show a staggering 9.6% increase, to £1,047.
Prime Minister David Cameron has described the UK as the “whiplash capital of Europe”.
The Government had been urged to bring in legislation to crack down on the number of claims which needed evidence of a whiplash injury and the effect it might have on the claimant’s life before compensation was paid.
Insurers had called for the introduction of measures similar to those in Germany, where there was a ban on whiplash claims beyond the 6.25mph limit. Drivers in Germany also need to give two medical opinions to diagnose the injury as is the case in UK.
Experts have said that it was important to ensure that there was a clampdown on those who were making exaggerated or spurious claims, as it could significantly increase premium levels for all drivers.
However, it was also important that individuals are not discouraged from making genuine claims for injury, such as whiplash, due to adverse publicity.
Insurance policies were in place to protect drivers financially when an accident has caused damage or injury and individuals should not be afraid of pursuing a claim when a genuine need arises the experts said